Artistic Blacksmithery

Zbigniew Felski

The Plant of Artistic Blacksmithery of the Felski family reached one hundred and ten years of tradition.
The present owner is Zbigniew Felski , who continues this artistic work already in the fourth generation.



Thanks to the highly qualified staff, our products reach the greatest networks in the USA, Canada, Scandinavia and the European Union states.

Apart from the old (over 100 years old) smithy,
it is also provided with an air-conditioned modern plant
in Brusy situated by the M³yńska 23 Street.


Presently, we have MANAGEMENT SYSTEM
ISO 14001: 1996 standard.


If you want to beautify your garden and house
with unconventional artistic products
you are always welcome to co-operate with as.


We offer our design
and realization of orders
according to a given design.